Setting Up IPv6 with Superloop on RouterOS

The simplest way to enable IPv6 for your home network with Microtik Routers

It took me a while to figure out the simplest way to enable IPv6 for my home network with Microtik routers.

TL;DR - You don't need the complicated DHCPv6 Server, a quick DHCP Client setup would be enough.

I'm with Superloop when I'm writing this post, but this should in theroy work with any ISP that does gives you a valid v6 prefix.

Get your PD prefix from the ISP

Check your assigned PD prefix from your provider, for me it's /60


Setup DHCP Client

Then goto your router control panel IPv6 -> DHCP Client (or command line if you prefer) and make the below setup.


A bit explanation here:

  • Interface - the one that you are using to talk to your ISP
  • Request - address if for your router itself to have v6 access while prefix is for your router to be able to assign sub networks for your home LAN(via RA)
  • Pool Name - what ever you like
  • Pool Prefix Length - that's the pool size you are going to assign to your home networks
  • Prefix Hint - the one you get from your ISP, which would be splitted into smaller networks for you home

Assign addresses to your LAN

Now you have the v6 address pool created(Under IPv6 -> Pool), you can use the pool to assign addresses to your LAN interfaces, so your LAN clients can get the v6 assignments. Choose the interface according to your home network setup.


That's all.

Notes - A lot of people and online posts/tutorials talk about setting up DHCPv6 Server and that's also what I thought I needed to do too. However, unlike IPv4 where you setup your DHCP server to assign addresses for you clients, IPv6 routers can do SLAAC by broadcasting RA(Router Announcement) packets. If you are interested, you can start your tcpdump or Wireshark to observe the conversation which is quite easy to read too.

Last note, if you want, you can use my referal link to register with Superloop -

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