SoftU2F for Window

SoftU2F for Window

Introducing Soft U2F for windows - A software implementation for u2f authenticator for Windows.

TL;DR Do I need this software?

Likely No - if you are a normal Windows user

Maybe Yes - if you are interested in Windows Driver/Desktop application development

Project Page

On Github:

What is a SoftU2F

If you care about web security, you might have heard of the secure hardware YubiKey as the MFA authenticator for your online account, which brings your credential secuirity to a hardware level. A SoftU2F is a software implementation of the u2f protocol which is being used by YubiKey. It leverages on the operating system security hardware/API and simulates the behavior of a hardware secure key at the OS driver level to provide a secure and convinient approach of MFA authentication.

There is already a macOS version created by Github team years ago:

Technical details

If you are like me who is a software developer, you might find this useful as it could be a good example for using these technical stacks:

Windows Driver/Kernel level

Windows Desktop/User level


If are interested in this project or have any questions, please star watch SoftU2f-Win on Github